Friday, March 28, 2014

Dear Ranger Dave,

Hello there. Yeah. You. The one in the ball cap Ranger hat. Oh, is that Lady Ranger next to you? Yeah. She is included in this, too.

We only have 3 days left for you to sign up for RAGBRAI on our team, so I going to present my case of why you should sign up for the full week.

Exhibit A: Watcha gonna remember in 10 years?
Are you going to remember staying home and tending to your desert garden or are you going to remember having the time of your life with the All Star Team Beaver? Yeah. You know the answer.

Also, one time I was on RAGBRAI when I was 6 weeks pregnant. B asked me the "Watcha gonna remember in 10 years?" question and this was the result:

Exhibit B: The Ranger Lady Connection
Hey, Ranger Lady -- remember our bonding moment. No? Let me describe it for you. I was pregnant-lady-waddling through some park in that one mountain town chatting with you about running while you walked your adorable aging pup while holding a baked potato on a Styrofoam plate. We STILL managed to find out that we have a lot in common. Imagine if we were lounging on some great Iowa grass in some great Iowa shade drinking some great Colorado beer! There is no end to the bonding possibilities! C' know you want to.

And, while I don't have any photo evidence of our connection -- here is a picture of my big ol' pregnant belly with some random beaver-jersey-wearing men. Also, note that one is wearing red shorts. Bonus points!
You took this picture. See? Connection!

Exhibit C: The All-Star Team
The last couple years have been "building years" according to Normie. Smaller team numbers, more day-to-day riders, less cheese-ball eating, etc. This year...THIS year, all the Beavers are coming out to play. There is rumor that Goldie might get to go the whole week (she is already employing Goldie-Be-Good strategies to get clearance) and I will be off the chain and Deb and Dale are coming with an alleged golf cart with a Jack dispenser. Ma.Sing.Ah is going to rock the whole thing. This is it. All-Star RAGBRAI needs Ranger Dave the The Ranger Lady. (Did you catch that "needs" was both underlined and italicized? Yeah, it is that serious).

Exhibit D: The Jack-mobile.
Jack Daniels. In a Golf Cart. From a Dispenser. The End.

Exhibit E: I'm the Boss.

And I Said So.
Exhibit F: Free Serenades.
Yes. If you go on RAGBRAI I hereby promise to sing an uplifting and inspirational song to you every day! It's true. Singing on RAGBRAI is my specialty and it is an honor and a privilege to be the target of my amazing voice. So, go sign up now. (Did ya see that? I pulled the underline-and-italicize thing again)

Exhibit G: Free Beer.
I will buy both you and the Lady Ranger a beer every day of the week! I happen to know that it is a Team Beaver by-law to never pass up free beer -- even if it's on the internet.

Closing Arguments:
So, there you have it. SEVEN amazing reasons why you should go on this year's RAGBRAI and bring Lady Ranger along with you. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you should do the whole week. You have until Monday to sign up on our get 'er done.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Places I've Pumped #1

A few weeks ago, B and I took the kids back to Iowa to visit family. We don't have any grandparents out here in CO, so we decided to take advantage of free babysitters while we were back.

We flew in on Friday and convinced Normie to go to an ISU basketball game with us the next day...and then got her to drive. In the snow. Heh.

Squishy Baby stayed with B's mom and sister, and Zeb hung out with my parents. I had brought 2 bottles worth of milk on the flight, so we were good to be gone for a good chunk of time.

We had some brews at our old familiar bar, Welch Ave. Station, and then got a warm ride to the colliseum with two nice old guys, Bob and Tom. After halftime (once the beer was out of my system), I headed to the bathroom to pump. I had my battery pack with me and found a nice big stall. It was very clean and I was able to hang my bag near the door of the stall.

Not ideal, but I didn't want to miss much of the game finding somewhere else.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Straw Poll

One of the things I tend to struggle with is drinking enough water during the day. And when nursing and providing anywhere from 21-28 oz a day for bottles at daycare for Squishy Baby, drinking water is really important.

I found that I would fill up my Nalgene water bottle at the beginning of the day, carry it with me everywhere, and barely drink half a Liter.

Then, I read some anecdotal evidence that drinking out of a cup with a straw increases your daily water intake. So, I took the only cup we had with a straw to school. The problem was that the only cup we had happened to be the freebie I got from the hospital when I had Spark. It had pictures of babies on the side and my 8th graders made fun of me and told me it was creepy.

Babies or not...I drank a TON more with a cup with a straw. I told myself that if it really worked for 4 days, then I would buy a less creepy cup.

Over a month later, and it is still working! I drink at least 4 of these bad boys each day, which is about 2 Liters of water. I find that I tend to sip way more often and it really adds up.

Wal-Mart Special. $3.96
I usually keep it at school, because, you know, The Dictator. I have a no-share policy when it comes to cups and water bottles. I mean, nobody wants chunks of crackers in their liquids.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Give it 100: Day 27 -- Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'!

I don't ride rollers very often,

but when I do, I wear my Sexy Beaver shirt.

I went 12 minutes, took a break, and then went 2 more basketball minutes (we were watching the ISU v. TCU game). I actually added the skill of not having to look straight ahead while riding the rollers. Baby steps.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Last Time...

Breastfeeding can be hard...but working and breastfeeding is e.x.h.a.u.s.t.i.n.g.

It requires that I get up earlier to start my day, scramble to find time to pump twice while at work, wash and prepare pumping supplies, and constantly worry about keep up with Squishy Baby.

It is easy to get frustrated and tired and irritated and negative and complain-y about it. I was thinking about all this when I ran across a blog post about The Ache.

The perspective of remembering that this is the last time in my life that I will have such a noble and meaningful role for my body, that this is the last time that I will have squishy little hands playing with my hoodie strings while chugging away, that this the last time that I will be needed so much by a little person, that this is the last time that a gummy little smile will peek up at me in the middle of a meal and let milk run down my sides...that perspective has helped me feel a bit better about all this. B and I are 99.99% sure that Spark is our last rugrat, and remembering that this is the last time in my life that I will breastfeed definitely makes it more doable...even though it is bittersweet.

My bare minimum goal was 6 months...that is this Saturday (!). My real goal is to get to 1 year. I think if I can make it to the end of the school year that I can easily make it to August for Spark's 1 year birthday. I have no idea what RAGBRAI will look like -- if we are still going strong in the nursing department, I don't want RAGBRAI to be the end of it. So, it might mean pumping on RAGBRAI, which could be interesting.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Give It 100: Day 12 Through...Eh.

If by "Give it 100" you mean, "Give it a half-assed 11 days followed by two weeks of utter failure" then I have been ROCKING it!

I just don't know how to do it. I don't know how to fit it all in. Getting up at 5, getting to work by 7:20 (only 20 minutes before students show up!), getting home by 5:30, getting kids in bed by 8:15, getting school work done by 10...I just can't figure out how to get it all done and workout.

The good news is that I have been making much better choices in the nutrition department. I did have a crazy Fun-size candy bar fest last week, but besides that I have been doing pretty well at not eating utter crap food. I still eat a lot of calories, but have just been more mindful of the random candy and junk food that I snack on throughout the day.

As a result, I am proud to say that I am back down to the 170's...high 170's, but it still counts! Only 7 more pounds before I am pre-Spark weight...but still have a ways to go to get rid of the baby blubber.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Give It 100: Day 9, 10 & 11: The Good and the Bad

The good wedding rings fit for the first time in a year!

The bad can see the blue tint on my thumb from all the blue frosting I "tasted" while making cupcakes for Sprocket's birthday.

Day 9 & 10: Clean eating! I worked hard to not have random crap food around home. I did mindlessly pop two chocolate chips while bribing Sprocket with them. However, B says that "two chocolate chips are nothin'!" I had the day off school on Monday and got a TON of work done for the upcoming Science Fair that I organize and run at my school. I could have found time to work out, but, well, I didn't. Good story, huh?

Day 11: I "tasted" lots of frosting while making the aforementioned cupcakes, so I had to do something. So, I did two rounds of lunges (15 each leg), planking (60 seconds), and push-ups (5).

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